pic posing atraniWelcome!

I’m Imogen Walters – London based, 26 year old writer of Soul Sincerity and intuitive tarot reader, finding freedom in words and clarity in the cards.

Soul Sincerity stands for writing driven by curiosity and a commitment to honesty, seeking wisdom within the everyday and the extraordinary – because isn’t life so often capable of being both things, together?

I’ve been involved in a heady love affair with words for as long as I can remember; pen and paper (and a peppering of poetry) acting as my map towards understanding myself, understanding others, and understanding this flawed yet beautiful, messy yet breathtaking, ever-interesting world we share.

Soul Sincerity is where my words find their home.

Words travel with me while I dance within the light and dive deep into the dark, aiming always to confront and embrace both in order to try to know something, and to experience something, beyond where I find myself now. I question, I explore and I write with the hope of becoming a more compassionate, caring and intuitive person; with the hope of becoming my best self.

Intuition and intention breed magic; I believe we are magic makers, and our magic lies within. The more we choose to see and explore all the meaning in life, and the more we share our stories and open our hearts to others – because we each have a story to tell, and every story is vital – the kinder and wiser we become, and the greater the magic we make.

I try to live, and write, by the maxim ‘speak your truth and be kind’ – kindness isn’t to be scoffed at! Kindness is change-making, and reflection paves the way for soulful action.

Playful, powerful, with the potential to be truthful; every corner and every curve of a letter and of a sound explored, leading to something new and raw, laden with meaning, blog posts and poems and essays.

Thought seekers, thought shakers, change makers – who’s with me? Let’s gather together our paper and pens, our experiences and our stories, and begin.

I’m currently tweaking my Welcome page in order to make it even more spot-on and soulful, alongside a New Here? guided tour. Do feel free to take a look around and have a read while I work some word magic behind the scenes!

Not sure where to start? Some of my favourite posts, and ones that should give you a flavour of what Soul Sincerity is all about, include the following, drawn from a range of topics such as personal development and personal reflection, tarot, poetry, mental health, relationships and love.

Take your pick and dive in!

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Thanks for stopping by, sweet friend, and I hope to see you again soon.

Love and blessings,